JaF Marissa Andreia  (Greek = Daring One of the Sea)

Chestnut filly, two white facial strips

Marissa is a very courageous, and super-friendly girl – with just a touch of spice. This gives her that “look at ME!” feeling. What I appreciate the most though, is her wonderful balanced conformation. Like her brother, Deseño, she is beautifully put together. This one promises to be another extremely athletic Morgan.

JaF Calista Meilani   (Greek = Most Beautiful Dark Beauty)

Bay filly, large star. Two hind socks. Foundation.

This bold, outgoing filly is interested in everything, and everyone. Calista has a very typey Morgan head and with her coloring, will be quite the eye candy. She and her half-sister Marissa are such a happy, “let’s-go-see-what’s-happening” pair! Born just a day apart, they are often seen playing together in the pasture.

JaF Sand and Surf

Palomino colt, no white

Sandy was by far the biggest, heftiest colt I have ever seen. At birth, he was bigger and beefier than either of his half-sisters, who are 3 weeks older. He literally looked like he was a month old! And with his growing like crazy, it will be fascinating to see how big he ends up. I am always amazed at the size of Surfer’s get, which at 4 years of age or so, are almost always taller than either their sire, or dam. Sandy looks like he might top them all!