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Here at JaF Morgans, certain phrases are frequently heard from visitors.  They often say things like, “Your Morgans are so friendly!”  Or, “The horses are so well behaved!” … or, “Gentle” … or, “Happy” … or, “Loving”.    I look over the photographs I have from over the years, and you know what?  They’re right!   Morgans as a breed tend to be this way.  I will admit though, that here, they seem especially so.   I am very proud of the horses bred, raised, and trained here.   They are exceptionally easy to train, they have a good work ethic, and they truly enjoy doing whatever is asked of them.

All horses are sold with a 30-day money back guarantee.
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JaF Alegria Siempre (Barbie)

(Spanish = Happiness Always)
(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Hideaway Starlight Moon)
2011 Palomino Mare – View Pedigree


Barbie certainly lives up to her name – both her registered one, and her barn name!  She is unfailingly happy, outgoing, loves people and loves to be out doing something … anything. She is also quite the “Barbie doll” <smile>. She is absolutely beautiful, with a short back, really dishy head and nice, arched neck. And what a mover! Like all the Morgans here, Barbie has the extra addition of fantastic feet. I rode her in the Kaiser Wilderness on three 20 – 25 mile rides each, spaced out over about 8 days, and each ride was over very rough, rocky terrain (she is barefoot). Afterwards the farrier pronounced her hoof walls, soles, and overall hoof health “excellent”. Barbie  currently stands 14-2 & ½”, and I expect her to top out around 14-3 at maturity. $8500.00

Silver Cross Jasmine

(Do More Jazz x Triple S Eclipse)
2011 Foundation Palomino Mare – View Pedigree

This muscular, solid mare is extremely athletic.   Standing a half-inch over 14-3 now, she has both power to spare, and stamina – as well as the desire to use it.  Although Jas is extremely well mannered on the trail, she is also forward, with a big walk and a love to go see country.   Like her dam, Triple S Eclipse, Jas has a strong and bold personality.  I really enjoy horses like this because they seem to have no fear, and are first to tackle any obstacle or trail issue that pops up.   Jasmine is a Foundation bred Morgan, and would be a wonderful addition to any breeder’s herd, as well as a wonderful riding horse for trails, Endurance, or any equine sport. $8500.00


Sun-West Diamond Tiara (Tia)

2005 Foundation Flaxen Chestnut – View Pedigree


Tia has been a truly wonderful broodmare, as well as a fantastic riding horse. However, since I won’t be breeding any longer, I am offering her up for sale. With her long, flowing mane, her striking coloring, and her gorgeous, upheaded Morgan looks – Tia is both lovely, and talented. She is a terrific trail horse, handling long days and rough terrain beautifully – and always with style. In the arena, her smooth gaits make her a favorite choice with friends of all ages. Tia is truly an exceptional mare in every way. $7500

Occasionally I have sold an as-yet-unridden Morgan, or a very “green” one who has a beginning – but is not what I consider a well-started riding horse, yet.  Because these young horses have become so very successful, I have decided to more seriously consider selling some of the younger stock.  These lovely Morgans have a truly outstanding foundation, and are very gentle and well-mannered.   If this is something that interests you, please feel free to contact me for additional information.

4 Year Olds

JaF Gunsmoke Annie

(JaF Smoke ‘n Guns x Triple S Nita)
2012 Black Filly – View Pedigree


This beautiful filly looks like she might make 16 hands.  At 15-2 and still leggy, Annie is a big girl with big, showy movement.  Like Barbie, Annie has a super-happy, outgoing personality – but also has a significant touch of clown in her.    Annie will be started under saddle along with Muñeca, this Fall.  I might have to buy another forward-seat English saddle, because Annie LOVES to jump!

MtnTop Isabella (Bella)

(MtnTop Whippoorwhill Tanek x War Le Fire Bird)
2012 Foundation Black – View Pedigree

Another 100% Foundation mare, Bella came here to cross her bloodlines with those of my stallion, Surfer.  I did that, and am thrilled with the result!  However, this is the last year I am breeding, so Bella will go under saddle after her current filly is weaned – sometime this Fall.    Bella, like Jasmine, is Foundation – thus she would be a fabulous addition to any breeder’s program.  But I think she will also be a fantastic riding horse – she is smart, beefy and powerful, and possesses an easy-going outlook.


3 Year Olds

JAF Sunrise Surf Rider, “Rider”

(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Treasure Aurora)
2013 Palomino Colt – View Pedigree

Because Rider hasn’t shown much growth in terms of height, I made the difficult decision to have him gelded.  Standing just a little over 14 hands at 3 years of age, he might make 14-2 at maturity.  As a stallion, though, there was simply no way to know whether or not he would breed bigger than himself.  But what a powerhouse he is, conformation-ally!   Rider has the same super-easy-going, laid-back personality as his sire, and really doesn’t care what I ask him to do as long as there is a human in the mix somewhere.  He LOVES people!   He is also a stunning mover, and demonstrates the same forehand elevation in his gaits, as his sire.   Conformation-ally, athletically, and in terms of “mind” – Rider is truly the best of his bloodlines.

JAF Calico Treasure (Cali)

(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Treasure Donna)
2013 Chestnut filly – View Pedigree

This fancy young filly is really turning into a stunner!   Not just because of all the “chrome”, either, although admittedly, that does tend to help her stand out in a crowd.  However, Cali is maturing into a big, powerful girl with an absolutely elegant way of going.   Cali is bold, forward, and has a happy, strong personality.  At the same time, Cali is super loving, gentle and very well mannered.

JAF Senorita del rio Roja (Roja)

(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x La Bonita Primavera)
2013 Chestnut filly – View Pedigree

I’ve said before how special Roja is, and as she matures I can see that this is certainly no overstatement.   Beautifully put together, Roja is ideal bridle horse material.   Although she still has some growing to do, at 14-1 she is not tall like her half-sister Cali.   Roja is the perfect package.  She is pretty, extraordinarily athletic, showy, and just a little bit saucy!     Not with people…oh, no.  Humans are admired, loved and trusted. But she sure hams it up with all her siblings!  When the young horses get to playing, as they do every day, she is the one bucking, racing all around the herd with her tail up in the air, enjoying life as if every day was her Best Day.   Roja can really get the herd going! She is absolutely wonderful to watch. 

Note:   Due to my upcoming retirement from the world of breeding I will have a couple outstanding mares for sale this Fall, when all the foals are weaned.  These lovely 9 to 11 yr old Morgan mares are exceptionally well trained as riding horses, as well as being proven broodmares.  Please feel free to contact me for additional information.