This year has been unusual.  We only had 2 Spring foals due, and lo & behold – they were born on the same day, almost exactly 12 hours apart!   And, both have been sold.  One went to the owner of his 4-yr old brother, and the other is going to be a herd sire for a ranching family (also bridle horse people – sweet!) up in Northern CA.   Quite the finale for the end of my breeding career.  I have one last foal due in late October, out of Cut ‘n Spin Smoky Bay Butte, and that will be the end of my little “era”. 

JaF Tesoro de Alamar (Spanish: Treasure to the Sea) “Alamar”

JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Striking Spanish Dancer
2020 Palomino Colt – View Pedigree

Alamar is not just a treasure of his father’s genes in terms of his conformation & temperament; he is a sturdy, dappled golden beauty.   While the word “Alamar” means “to the sea” in Spanish, in Arabic it means “covered with gold”.  Either is quite fitting for this palomino boy.  I look forward to seeing photos of his babies, down the road.

JaF Amigo CaballeroGrande (Spanish: Big Gentleman Friend) “Amigo”

JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Marble Mtn Splendor
2020 Buckskin Colt – View Pedigree

This big, beefy buckskin colt is going to live with his older brother up in Mariposa.   There they will spend time on mountain trails. The cross of this colt’s dam with Surfer has produced some of the most consistent foals I’ve ever seen – they are like carbon copies of one another.