Although there were rumors floating around that I was ending my breeding program <chuckle>, thus far I have not been able to make myself do that.  Not only did I breed 4 mares for Spring/2018 foals, I also bred 3 more, for Fall! Then, well,  there was the unexpected 2018 foal on Christmas Eve eve (we thought she was coming in early 2019 ). All went well, and we now have 8 new, spectacular foals at JaF Morgans.

Spring 2018 Foals

JaF Soldado de Juguete (Spanish: Toy Soldier)

(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x NVS Mi Sonnetta)
Bay colt, foaled 3/8/18 – view Pedigree

JaF Sunrise Crescent Moon (Crescent)

(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Marana Blonde Bombshell)
100% Foundation Cremello filly, foaled 3/12/18 – view Pedigree

– SOLD –   Crescent will be making her home in Corvallis, OR, in Spring of 2019!

JaF Tehipite Treasure (Chula)

(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Treasure Aurora)
100% Foundation Chestnut filly, foaled 3/16/18 – view Pedigree

JaF Bailar Conmigo (Spanish: Dance With Me)

(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Striking Spanish Dancer)
Bay filly, foaled 4/12/18 – view Pedigree

Fall 2018 Foals (all are still unnamed)

100% Foundation Bay filly, foaled 8/25/18
(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x MtnTop Isabella)

  This is Bella’s 2nd bay filly by Surfer – and she is a beautiful, stout, big boned girl!

Palomino colt, foaled 8/27/18
(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Marble Mtn Splendor)

Eden has foaled 3 palomino colts, 3 years in a row, bred to Surfer.  All are huge, the oldest, at 2 ½, sticked at 15-1.  This colt is no exception, although he is much darker than his brothers – he looks like he may be chocolate.

Bay Dun or Grulla filly, foaled 10/17/18
(Amberfield’s Blaze ‘N Dun x JaF La Bella Muñeca)   +Retained+

Born tiny  (her dam was a maiden), this filly did not nurse properly and needed medical intervention the first 36 hours of her life.  After vet-administered colostrum & plasma, this little, but very spunky filly has completely captured everyone’s attention.  She will be remaining with me.

Buckskin filly, foaled 12/23/18
(JaF Sunrise Surfer Dude x Marble Mtn Cassteelya)

Another bundle of energy, Eve (named this because she was born on the even of Christmas Eve) is really working at getting her dam back in shape.  I have tons of video, but only a few photos of her, for this reason! Eve’s dam, Marble Mtn Cassteelya,  is full sister to our incomparable broodmare, Marble Mtn Splendor.