Training – Final Stage & Bridle Horse Work

Ready for New Homes

By the time these colts have about ninety days of training under their saddles, they tend to be pretty “broke”. They have been saddled and ridden in rope halters, then snaffle bits. They have been places, seen things, done all manner of different types of jobs and just generally been exposed to a lot.

Let’s recap:

  • They have learned the value of standing still
  • They have learned to get along with other horses
  • They know when to play and when it’s time to go to work
  • They are soft mentally, and they are soft in the bridle
  • They have an interesting tendency to like people, and at the same time have developed a deep respect for the human as leader

This is approximately the time these colts are ready to go home with their new owners. If I know ahead of time what a new owner plans to do with their colt, I am happy to focus the last thirty days of riding toward that goal. For instance if they want to ride in the back country a lot, I’ll spend more time up there and make sure their colt is just as happy carrying a pack as he is being ridden.

If the new owner wants to ride in the hackamore, the first stage of making a true bridle horse, I’ll transition the colt to the hackamore.

If the new owner is going to do a lot of work with cattle, I’ll make sure to get lots of time in working stock on the colt.

If the new owner wants to ride their colt in a bridle bit (not the snaffle), I can get that started too. Although I cannot possibly develop a true bridle horse in this short period of time, I can have the colt working well in a shank bit if desired.

In Summary

New owners sometimes make arrangements to extend the period of colt training here at JaF Morgans. I am happy to work with them advancing the colt even further along before he goes to his new home or working with the new owner and colt together. Regardless where these colts go or what their ultimate job is going to be, they will always have a good “handle” on them. I pride myself on being particular about that.