Stock for Sale

Here at JaF Morgans, certain phrases are frequently heard from visitors. They often say things like, “Your Morgans are so friendly!” Or, “The horses are so well behaved!” … or, “Gentle” … or, “Happy” … or, “Loving”. I look at the photographs I have from over the years, and you know what? They’re right! Morgans as a breed tend to be this way. I will admit though, that here, they seem especially so. I am very proud of the horses bred, raised, and trained here. They are exceptionally easy to train, they have a good work ethic, and they truly enjoy doing whatever is asked of them.

This past couple of years, I have had a change of heart in terms of selling very young stock. Due to the very promising placement of several foals over the last year, I have become convinced that it really isn’t as frightening an idea as I previously thought it was! I certainly understand the desire many folks have, of raising their own horse. My foals have a very, very strong foundation, and so, when experienced, knowledgeable people fall in love with one of the youngsters, I CAN be convinced to let that young Morgan go.

Additionally, I have occasionally sold an as-yet-unridden Morgan, or a very “green” one who has a beginning – but is not what I consider a well-started riding horse, yet. Because these young horses have become so very successful, I have decided to more seriously consider selling some of the younger stock. These lovely Morgans have a truly outstanding foundation, and are very gentle and well-mannered. If this is something that interests you, please feel free to contact me for additional information.

JaF La Bella Muñeca (Muñeca)

2011 bay – View Pedigree

Muñeca’s name says a lot about her – she is absolutely gorgeous. And a showy mover, too. Plus – she has a super-sweet personality! These attributes combine to create a combination that’s tough to beat. Muñeca was started under saddle a couple of years back, then bred, and is about to go back under saddle to complete her training. 

JaF Cascada de la Oceano (Cascada)

2015 Chestnut Filly – View Pedigree

Cascada is out of the incredible mare, Triple S Eclipse. Every foal out of this mare that I have worked with has been super athletic. Loaded with bone and overall substance, as well as a wonderfully easy-going, happy and bold personality – AND outstanding athleticism, this Foundation filly will be capable of excelling at any discipline.

JaF Marissa Andreia (Greek = Daring One of the Sea) (Marissa)

2016 Chestnut filly – View Pedigree

Marissa is a very courageous, and super-friendly girl – with just a touch of spice. This gives her that “look at ME!” feeling. What I appreciate the most though, is her wonderful balanced conformation. Like her brother, Deseño, she is beautifully put together. This one promises to be another extremely athletic Morgan.